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The next forest fire
is impending, and it’s
only a matter of time.

We provide the ability for the whole
community to protect their homes
from wildfires.

I want to be ready for the next Wildfire.

Now is the time to talk this over…
before summer comes along.

The Current

And the existing danger

Global warming, along with the dry summer months and other external threats are among the most common causes of forest fires.

These fires expand at an extremely rapid pace, easily skipping-over buffer zones and setting fire to first-line properties and spreading inwards to second-line homes and beyond.

Until today, there has not been a safe option for protecting properties and belongings, either whilst remaining in the property and attempting to extinguish the fire, or in case of necessary evacuation.

For residents and communities

In a circumstance where only part of the residents utilize the communal water system in an unsupervised manner, in order to protect their own properties, this will result in not having sufficient water pressure available for the rest of the community and will cause the collapse of the communal water system.

The Existing

The Optimal

Initiated water-sprinkler systems

Past experience has taught us that when the surroundings are wet, fire can not spread. The ‘Waterdome” system answers this need: Massive water sprinkler on the property and its surroundings with initiated “rain”, before the fire takes hold.

‘Waterdome” is a domestic system, supported by a cloud-based, collaborative control function, for sprinkling “rain” in times of danger, greatly minimizing the imminent danger to properties and their surrounding as a result of forest wildfires.

This solution is highly effective, as the sprinkler system – integrated with a collaborative control option, helping to disperse the water in a smart measure between all the residents and properties in the community – will provide a suitable solution responding to the needs of both the individual property and the entire community, while keeping the required water pressure.

Why WaterDome

An integrative solution
for the entire community

The ‘Waterdome' system has the ability to control the community’s water network wisely, by optimizing the distribution of water to the sprinklers, according to time slots, and enabling the water pressure to be sufficient to each sprinkler.

The Most Efficient
& Affordable Solution

The ‘Waterdome’ system offers the most effective defense method against wildfires - massive wetting, without the need of purchasing expensive large water tanks and reservoirs to supply the sufficient amount of water needed for proper protection.

An essential part of the communal wildfire defense task force

With the push of a button, the fire chief can activate the 'Waterdome' system, which provides a powerful wetting effect - more than all of the fire engines at his disposal, and all of this without moving a single vehicle and immediately.

Proven capabilities

of the ‘Watedome’ system

This system has been installed in two forest-adjacent communities in Israel and has been thoroughly tested through both simulated and real-time fire suppression trials at one of these communities, in cooperation with the fire department. In addition, the water-sprinkler system has been proven to be exceptionally successful during massive forest fires in the U.S.

Protection rate against fire spreading 98%

*in comparison to a 33% protection rate through the practice of land clearing.

Knowledge Pillars

Expanding wisdom about ‘Waterdome’