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Doing Everything to Protect Your Home

The phrase “Think before you act” perfectly describes the process the ‘Water-Dome’ system undergoes, until it evolves into a fully operational system, ready to respond to every scenario.

The process begins with assessing the dangers due to forest fires.

  • Surveying the comprehensive dangers surrounding the community, taking into account the “flammable substances” (such as vegetation), land topography, statistical analysis of the wind regimes and air humidity that are typical to the area surrounding the community, together with their history of fire incidents.
  • Following analysis of the collected data, various threat-scenarios are outlined.
  • In each scenario, the community is divided into separate zones, reflecting their risk levels.

The second stage focuses on the initial system planning, including:

  • Placement of the ‘Water-Dome’ sprinklers, needed for protection.
  • Defining the preferences of each sprinkler, according to the risk level of various scenarios.

During the third stage, a modeling of the water network is conducted, including:

  • Surveying the community’s water network
  • Obtaining the water network infrastructure plan
  • Constructing a model of the water network
  • Optimizing the water distribution to the sprinklers according to time slots, enabling the water pressure to be sufficient and as close as possible to each sprinkler.
  • Verifying the model through experimentation, using portable sprinklers.
  • Adapting the model according to the results of the experiment.

The fourth stage is the “Confirmation Stage” – verifying that the water network can uphold the system’s requirements.

Only upon completion of these four crucial stages, do we begin to approach customers:

  • Presenting an initial offer
  • If relevant, planning and a price quote for each property.
  • Signing an agreement
  • System Installation (1-2 days)
  • Training the operation team in the community
  • System testing in cooperation with the fire department.

From this point, the system is fully operational and ready to go.


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