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The Whole Story in One Picture

When questioned about our system and its efficiency, we tend to not exaggerate with words – but simply show this photo of a house left standing alone, like a beacon of hope… after showing this photo, everything is much clearer.


Knowledge Pillars

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“Extremely Effective”
According to a report prepared by Jayne Fingerman Johnson, Timothy Downing and Kristen C. Nelson from...
More than 40 years of effectiveness
It’s no secret that one of the most effective ways to fight fires, if not the most effective, is...
Doing Everything to Protect Your Home
The phrase “Think before you act” perfectly describes the process the ‘Water-Dome’ system undergoes,...
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‘Waterdome’ in action!
Recently, people have been interested in our system, asking us mainly this question: “What does ‘Water-Dome’...