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‘Waterdome’ in action!

Recently, people have been interested in our system, asking us mainly this question: “What does ‘Water-Dome’ actually do?” To answer this, we have composed a step-by-step description on how our innovative system operates, in real-time.

During the first stage, referred to as the “Immunity Stage”, the goal is to secure immunity from conflagration, as fast as possible. When fire spreads in the direction of a community, the ‘Water-Dome’ system is activated, and immediately sheds a massive amount of water on all the defensive points programmed into the system, in-synch with the endangered areas, while maximizing the flow rate. During this stage, a large amount of “rain” is showered on the selected locations: at a rate of more than 2 mm an hour, covering the endangered areas, until full immunity and protection is accomplished.

After immunity is achieved, the “Immunity Maintenance” stage begins. During this stage, the water level automatically reduces to the amount necessary for maintaining adequate moisture. This stage depends of course on the specific climate conditions at that time: humidity, winds and temperature.

The third stage, when the fire reaches the properties, is referred to as the “Impact Stage”. At this stage, the preference, in terms of water distribution, is managed through a smart and focused protocol, according to real-time risk levels. Thanks to cloud-based control and supervision, a rapid response becomes possible, responding swiftly to any unforeseen needs. During this stage, a massive amount of water is used to suppress the fire in critical locations, up to 16 gallons of water per hour, an output that exceeds the capacity of two firefighting aircrafts!


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