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Your Home Can Survive a Wildfire

Forest fires spread rapidly and generate a large amount of energy, causing air currents and sparks to skip-over buffer zones, which are designed to protect against fire spreading, particularly in forest-adjacent communities. The solution for preventing fire from spreading to communities through the practice of watering, as implemented across the U.S., has been proven to be a significant and effective fire suppression method, reducing risks by 98%, compared with a 33% risk reduction through land clearing. 

There are some who believe that independent use of watering is the solution. The problem with this type of action, when implemented in an uncoordinated manner, results in a drastic decrease of the water pressure serving the entire community, forcing fire fighters to shut down the water supply to homes. 

In addition, manual watering is not possible when thick smoke is heading towards the community or when residents are evacuated from their homes.  Until now, a viable solution that offers complete protection to homes is not available.  

We are proud to present to you ‘Water-Dome’: an innovative system for protecting properties against forest fires. This system provides a massive sprinkling of water, sheltering both the home and its nearby surroundings, before and during fire advancement.  

The unique advantage of this system is its ability to maintain a vital level of water pressure, benefiting the entire community, by controlling the amount of water directed to each property, due to an innovative collaborative function. This collaborative control function distributes the water throughout the community in a smart and fully automated procedure. 

‘Water-Dome’ is the only current solution that can respond to needs of both the individual home and the community. 

Do you live in a forested area and want to protect your home against forest fires?  


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